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Sex and Porn Addiction


Are you worried about your sexual behaviour?


'Sex and Porn Addiction' are currently the most widely used terms describing sexual behaviours that feel out of control. At the moment, many people are confused as to what 'sex addiction' actually is. If you think you are having problems controlling your sexual behaviours, you might call yourself a 'sex addict'. 

I help you understand where your sexual behaviours come from, explore your sexual and relational landscape to gain a better understanding of your own  sexual and relational system. Together, we make sense of your sexual urges and desires, your needs, your wanting, your longing and of course your values.   With this deep understanding, you can then change many different areas of your life to support a fulfilling and vibrant sex life in stable relationships.


My approach is non-shaming, respectful and sex-positive. In my clinical experience, this approach is very effective, and supports a sustainable long-term fulfilling lifestyle. 

Helpful articles which reflect my approach

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